A recap and a new year

I can’t believe that it’s the 15th of January already. I had planned to take a few days off after Christmas and then get right back to things, but then I ended up with the dreaded lurgy and am finally beginning to recover.

2019 was an amazingly busy year for me. I launched my Etsy shop with my #TwentyPaintings project, started to show my work with an Edinburgh gallery, The Stick Factory Completed a Certificate in Botanic Art with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, exhibited at Inverewe Gardens and at An Talla Dearg and had my first ever Open studio experience

My top nine on Instagram – a selection of the things I’ve been up to in 2019

However, although it was a challenge, it was huge fun too. I got to meet lots of lovely new people, made lots of art, went on an artistic journey – which isn’t over yet. Made some mistakes, learned new skills and…did I mention the art? That was definitely the best bit.

One of my biggest learning curves was beginning to sell online, via my Etsy shop a great way to showcase my more affordable art and be able to sell around the world. I’ve been in contact with some lovely people and learned all about how to package and post my work. Etsy though, is only really suitable for my more affordable art (everything in my shop is under £100. The art is fairly small and therefore easier to send. So it’s a wee but limited.

I started to investigate a way of selling my larger pieces. I did quite a bit of research and then applied to Artfinder, an online gallery space. I had to send a CV and some images and was really delighted when they accepted me. I’m currently in the process of uploading images and setting up my shop there. I’ll let you know how I get on!

Although it’s still quite early in the year I already have quite a few things planned for 2020 and I wanted to be able to be able to share and document that sonewhere, so I decided to upgrade my website. I spent 45 mins earlier having a really great online tutorial with Caimin from WordPress (thanks Caimin it was really helpful!) on how to improve my site. So this will be the last blog post on the old site, watch this space for the new upgraded version.

Meanwhile, I’ve been out and about sketching and drawing with my friend Aileen Grant and some other local fellow artists. Firstly in wild weather in Ullapool and then warm and cosy at the very welcoming Albatross Cafe

It was really good to have a break, but it’s really good to be getting back into the studio at last.

Albatross cafe
Cosy sketching at the Albatross Cafe, Lochcarron


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