Cindie Reiter
Me at my solo exhibition at Inverewe Gardens in July 2019


My name is Cindie Reiter I’m an artist and I live in the Scottish Highlands. I’m very inspired by my surroundings, the mountains and lochs near my home. I find myself focussing on the sea and its ever changing moods. I am also drawn to try and capture the contrast between humanity and the majestic landscapes, the mountains and lochs and the wee homes which snuggle beneath the hills. Therefore in the last few years I have primarily been a landscape painter, working both en plein air and in my studio.

However, I am always striving to be a better artist. In recent years I have relearned alla-prima (wet on wet) oil painting, concentrating on still life and last year I did a certificate in Botanical illustration with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh. Each course has helped me improve my art across all the mediums that I paint in, but I’m still forever learning.

I work in acrylics, watercolours and mixed media and I also paint trompe l’eoil and recycle paper and books to make objet d’art.

I blog, fairly often so you can read about my artistic journey and aventures, or you could follow me on social media or sign up for a newsletter at the bottom of the page

practicing my drawing skills

A bit about my history

I went to art collage many years ago and then gave up painting when my children were small. I really admire artists who can hold down an art career, raise children and work – as I had to, but I wasn’t one of them, I worked in libraries and in mental health for a long time, working with others to help them focus on artistic persuits and then, when my children had grown up and my husband retired, I went back to my own art.

It was a real challenge at first and I hated everything that I did. But slowly I began to share my art again. I undertook a series of different courses aiming to improve my skills and I practiced, practiced, practiced. Gradually I started to show my work locally in the Highlands of Scotland, where I live, went to workshops and made friends online with lots of talented and supportive people and joined several artist groups in the area.

In 2016, two friends and I established Lochcarron Gallery as a pop-up. It was a great success and proved very popular. It aimed to showcase contemporary artists and makers. I loved working creatively with other artists and I was inspired by that short-term project to try new mediums and ideas.

This year my friend Aileen (Aileen Grant Art) and I are trying a new collaboration, Lochcarron Arts. We are partnering with Attadale Gardens to run a series of workshops and mini exhibitions and with the Loch Torridon Centre to run two workshops. I’m both nervous and excited about these new projects but feel very fortunate to be able to work in some of the most beautiful places in the world

I have exhibited in a number of galleries in the Highland area, from Skye to Thurso, from Inverness to Gairloch and am currently showing work at The Stick Factory  in Edinburgh.

I’ve sold my work online, from my Etsy shop, (for art under £150) through sites such as Fine Art America and through my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

You can contact me here if you’d like to sign up for a regular newsletter, to ask a question or just to say hello, some links to my social media sites are below if you want to see some images of my artistic journey over the last few years.

Cindie x

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some work from the #30dayproject which i completed in November 2019