Living in a lockdown

In another world today would have been my first open studio of the year, instead, I checked on my seedlings, did some housework and an online Yoga class with my lovely tutor, Sarah. As everyone knows this situation is unprecedented and we are having to learn to live our lives in another way.

I am very lucky in so many ways, I have a comfortable home, a decent sized garden, in which to grow vegetables and flowers and where I can sit and a wonderful view. I can still use my studio, I am blessed in so many ways.

But, 2020 was a year in which I made many plans. I was going to be tutoring a number of classes, with my friend Aileen, with West Highland College and here, in my home studio, all of the ones from the first half of the year are now cancelled, with the early summer ones possibly going to be cancelled or postponed too. We’ve also cancelled the exhibition which was due to take place at Attadale Gardens next week. But their opening has been postponed too.

However, it has been hard to get back to work, it has been difficult to feel creative and so much of the advice I have read is telling us not to, (not unless we are key workers that is), which is why I have taken so long to update my blog. I closed my Etsy shop and didn’t launch my ArtFinder page as I had planned, but getting back to work in the studio just hasn’t really happened yet. I’ve done a bit of sketching and I’ve decided on my next project, now I have to just do that.

I will update again soon. I will try to get into the studio. But for now, in these strange and exceptional times, I, like many others I’m sure, am just taking each day as it comes.

Meanwhile, instead of holding an open studio today as I had planned, I did a wee phone video instead.

My studio – on the shores of Lochcarron

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