Being an online artist

When I gave up full time employment several years ago I had no idea whether I could make any sort of income from my art. Living where I do, in the remote Scottish Highlands, there aren’t exactly huge numbers of galleries or art collectors and opportunities can be hard to come by, so I decided to go online.

A good suite of social media and a simple website, which I have developed in the past few years, has allowed me to connect with all kinds of interesting people, galleries and collaborations and has also enabled me to sell thousands of pounds worth of art.

My latest collaboration is with the innovative and rather wonderful West Highland College to deliver two online courses, something I’m really excited about. The first course starts on Tuesday 30th June (click on the link on the picture below to go directly to their event page on FB) or click BEST – Business Enterprise Solutions and Training. to book on their website: The college have been really helpful and supportive and I’ve worked with them to keep the cost of the courses really low to make them as accessible as possible. I’m really keen to help and support other artists in any way I can and West Highland College has a lot of experience in delivering a great selection of online courses so this seemed like a really great way to do that.

BEST – Business Enterprise Solutions and Training Event

The course will be online for three consectutive weeks and I’ll share some hints and tips and things that I have learned as I set up my business. This will include how to find an online audience among millions of art lovers, how to connect, promote and sell your art and some of the benefits and pitfalls that you may come across along the way.

I live and work in rural Scotland, West Highland College has several campuses, but the great thing about online courses is that anyone interested in taking the course can be based anywhere where they have a decent internet link so please do feel free to share with anyone who you think might be interested.

I’ve had some huge benefits from sharing and selling my art online, including meeting some wonderful fellow artists. It’s been vital to my business to be able to reach a wider audience and I think this will become even more vital thanks to the effects of the pandemic. Who knows how things might change and how galleries and other venues might be affected, art, however, has been selling during the lockdown and I firmly believe that the virtual world will continue to be important in the weeks and months to come. If you are interested in the course but have a question or want to know more, then you can contact me here or connect via social media on any of the links below or comment at the end of this post.

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Just in case you were wondering, my second course is an Introduction to Botanical Art which will start in July, and which can also be booked on the same link BEST – Business Enterprise Solutions and Training, but more about that very soon.

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