Putting it together

I’m feeling rather hopeful that the final exhibition that Aileen and I had planned this year at Eilean Iarmain will indeed happen, so I went to Inverness to stock up on some bits and bobs and managed to hurt my knee while loading the car. That meant that instead of spending the day in the studio I’ve been sitting with my feet up and an ice pack on my knee.

However, it’s an ill wind as they say, so I’ve spent the afternoon putting together some jigsaws from my own art via Jigsaw Explorer linked below.

The first jigsaw is 100 pieces and the second is 150, anything larger than that the pieces would be too small I think. My paintings do make good jigsaws though, even if I do say it myself. Please feel free to have a go.

Enjoy xx

Jigsaw 1 – Shore Street, Applecross: https://jigex.com/ZBfR

Jigsaw 2 – Eilean Ban Lighthouse – https://jigex.com/ZBfR

Jigsaw 3 Torridon Spring – https://jigex.com/BvUL

I found the third jigsaw to be the hardest, but do let me know what you think x

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