The Unknown Artist project

I know, it’s been far too long since I last updated, but it’s been a strange few months. I was exhausted after my exhibitions and therefore spent much of the summer in the garden, hardly painting at all.

My son moved to a new flat this year in the very picturesque town of Linlithgow, we went to visit him and I finally got back into painting. I often find that a change of place stimulates my creativity and that was certainly the case this time.

Since then I’ve sketched, drawn and painted almost every day. I’ve restocked some local shops which carry my artwork and started to paint towards next season, a planned exhibition and open studios.

Linlithgow sketches

I’ve really enjoyed painting again and I’ve recently helped start a drop-in art group with some artist friends here in Lochcarron – I’ll be off to that tomorrow morning. which I know will help to keep me motivated.

I also have a craft fair this weekend, and, if I manage to get the time to do some photographing, I’ll try and get a few more new pieces on Etsy. I’ll only be selling within the UK for now though. I

I also got to meet Jean Michel O’Shea a couple of weeks ago. Jean Michel has undertaken a body of work, which he hopes will serve as a legacy called the Artist Unknown Project Jean Michel is visiting artists all over the UK to talk to them, take stunning photos and tell their stories. Jean Michel’s photos are striking and the artist’s stories fascinating. Click on the link Artist Unknown Project if you want to read more about me, Aileen Grant or another local artist Vicky Stonebridge along with other artists and follow Jean Michel’s journey and view his photography.

me by Jean Michel O’shea

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