Playing favourites

Tomorrow is the last day of my joint exhibition with Aileen Grant Art and Steven Proudfoot and it’s not exactly the hardest job in the world to be surrounded by gorgeous art.

It’s very true that both Steven and Aileen are talented, but what has really been brought into focus for me over the last couple of weeks (and indeed at previous exhibitions) is how skilled they are.

Steven has been primarily a watercolour artist, but recently he has started painting in oils and mixed media. His paintings are all about light and how that changes through the seasons and at different times of day.

He has a really delicate touch and with just a few brushstrokes he can seem to make his paintings glow with light and colour.

A selection of work by Steven Proudfoot

Aileen Grant’s work, to my mind at least, is all about atmosphere. She works outside a lot in various sketchbooks and with a variety of different mediums. She then returns to her studio to create paintings which are very evocative of hills, corries and lochans in all kinds of weather conditions. Aileen’s painting seem to shimmer with iridesence. Trees seem to move in the wind, storm clouds scud across the landscape and there is also the light of hope.

Some of Aileen’s work
More of Aileen’s art

Surrounded by all this art as I have been, I have things about all the paintings that appeal to me, but I do have a favourite from both Aileen and Steven.

My favourite of Steven’s paintings,

Whilst Steven’s paintings seem to glow, full of light and colour, something about this small, deceptively simple one above really appealed to me. It’s oil on board, a lovely letterbox shape and I love the rusty rocks against the deep blue of the sea and the pop of colour provided by the buoy. This painting has sold but if you are interested in Steven’s art a lovely selection is at his website here: Steven Proudfoot

My favourite of Aileen’s paintings

I couldn’t get a better photo of this gorgeous painting of Aileen’s it’s near Torridon and I love the dark clouds and the light in the forground and that glimmer of hopeful light on the horizon. This painting is (at time of writing) still for sale, so please contact her at her website: Aileen Grant Art if you are interested in this or any other of her paintings

And what about me and my paintings? It’s been wonderful to be able to share my art and talk to people about it. I can often only see things about my work that I don’t like, but I do have some favourites and the one that I would like to keep from this exhibition is this one. I have a spot for it just over my mantlepiece, as long as it doesn’t sell by tomorrow!

Rainy day at Letterewe

More of my work at the exhibition

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