Going online

In this strange new world, places to exhibit and sell work are few and far between, and that’s from someone who lives in the far North and has always had limited places to share her work. Living somewhere like this has made me inventive and flexible as an artist but this year so much has been postponed or cancelled that my options have been even more limited than usual

As many of you might know I’ve been selling on Etsy for a while and I just recently had my first sale on Singulart and my studio is getting rather full, so I’ve spent the last few days sorting out my online sales platforms.

I was recently very lucky to have some training from Etsy, which was really helpful, so I’ve been uploading some new images on both my main sales platforms. Etsy’s hints and tips have really helped me raise the profile of my site in that I seem to be getting a lot more hits. It was more work than I was expecting, but I think it’s beginning to come together.

Etsy suggests that the shop owner (that would be me) upload a lot of images showing the art for sale in various different ways – on a wall, with other similar artwork, in presentation packs etc and I discovered a wonderful tool called Canvy it’s an excellent site which allows the artist to upload images, sizes them and displays them in various mockup settings

Some of my work at Singulart
More of my work at Singulart

It’s really good to see my art in a (virtual) frame, to be able to change the wall colour, the frame size and colour and even the colour of the sofas and accessories.

I think they look very effective, but as to whether that will translate to online sales, we’ll have to see.

In addition to my print on demand sites Imagekind and Fine Art America and, as a wee experiment, Aileen Grant Art and I will also be having a go at selling some items that maybe don’t fit as well on Etsy or Singulart at our Lochcarron Arts site. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

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