Another job done

My fellow artist and friend Aileen Grant and I had to change and cancel a lots of plans, this year, as did so many of us. But we did still manage to go ahead with our joint exhibition with our friend Steven Proudfoot at the wee gallery at An Talla Dearg and Aileen’s husband, the lovely Peter Barr was kind enough to set up an online Virtual exhibition of some of our drawings and paintings that we would have exhibited at Attadale Gardens (which I may just have forgotten to mention before!)

Attadale sketches

We have already been selling online. Both Aileen and I have Etsy shops and I have a page at Singulart too – Me at Singulart. Aileen sells via several galleries and has recently opened an Etsy shop of her own.

In my last post I wrote about uploading my art online and I’m just about getting there. It is, however a HUGE amount of work, I hadn’t realised how much. Every image has to be photographed, some of them in several different ways. Etsy suggests sellers to have at least five different images and Singulart also asks for several.

Anyone buying online needs to see as many different images of artworks as possible. There needs to be a good description of the art, including size, materials, subject and a little bit about each artwork. I think that anyone buying online is showing a huge amount of faith so I want to ensure that anyone looking to buy art from me has as much accurate information as possible. Uploading one or two images at a time can be really good fun. I enjoy sharing my art and telling people about it, but in future I think I’ll try not to upload 40 artworks at once!

My Etsy shop has a slection of my smaller works, sketches, studies for larger works and my “shelfie” collection. All of these works are under £200 and I’ll gift wrap them for anyone that wants me to for only £1, (it would have been for free, but Etsy doesn’t let me offer that option)

My Etsy shop

I feel really lucky to have been invited to exhibit at Singulart they offer a fabulous website to sell from, with loads of advice and support. This is a place where I feel I can sell my larger pieces with confidence because I have the support of experts, who can help with shipping, customs protocols etc

It’s great to be able to use established selling platforms as they offer so much support but we both thought that we would be good to have a base, somewhere we could link our websites, selling platforms to, where we could showcase our art and have somewhere that people would hoprfully feel comfortable enough to contact us directly and discuss our work. So we’ve curated a selection of our artworks that are now available exlusively on our Lochcarron website.

If you have the time, please do click on the link below and have a look at our exhibitions. We’d really appreciate any comments or suggestions

A curated exhibition of exclusive artworks

by Cindie Reiter and Aileen Grant

Meanwhile, I have some really exciting news, which I can’t share right now. But I am going to need some space in my studio for a really exciting upcoming project (hence all the uploading of artworks). But more about that very soon.

Please do comment or contact me if you want to know more about our projects

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Me at Singulart and Etsy

and at

Imagekind and Fine Art America 

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