Trompe l’oeil and gardening

For the last couple of months I’ve been focussing on creating some new work for Lochcarron Gallery for Skyeworks Gallery and for a number of exhibitions. My latest work can be viewed on my Gallery page

I’ve also been painting some “Trompe L’oeil” objects. Decorating and reclaiming something that might otherwise have had no value, that might have been overlooked or thrown away. These are very different from my landscape painting in many ways. When I paint landscapes, I try to capture mood, light, tone and a general feeling of the day. When I paint Trompe L’oeil, it is all about the challenge of painting something that will make someone look twice at an object, surprise them and make them smile. It’s all about trying to paint as realistically as possible. My attempts at this can been seen below with my cat chair and fish tray:

I have also been doing some gardening. April is a perfect time to work on the garden, the weather is not too hot (or cold) and there are no midges yet, always a bonus on the West Coast.

So my lettuces, potatoes, soft fruits, peas, beans, mange tout, carrots, spinach, broccoli and onions are all planted and everything else has been given a good weeding. This year, we’ve also put in a small pond – which we managed to fill with just heavy rain last week! Hopefully the garden will provide lots of inspiration for sketching and painting later in the year





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