Dealing with the dreaded creative block

It’s been a while.

A long time since I posted. But after a flurry of creativity that lasted several months, I’ve been totally and utterly blocked. I HATED everything that I did, from sketches to paintings to, well, just about everything else.

All my usual go-to creative jumpstarts failed me and I found myself listless, unable to sleep or to concentrate or relax. I don’t think I realised how much of a safety valve my art has been for me until it just wasn’t there anymore.

I spent a lot of time in my garden. I’m redesigning part of it, and, as my husband pointed out, that’s quite creative. But it’s not the same.

I did a lot of the usual stuff to try and reconnect, try and get back into the studio, but I just ended up watching endless videos on YouTube and dusting shelves and washing brushes.

Finally I found the website of Roisin O’Farrell and, so far at least, watching her videos, which offer advice to the artist on everything from creativity to pricing and her warmth and creativity are working for me. I’ve actually started sketching again and working on some bigger pieces, so thanks Roisin


Meanwhile, here’s a question for anyone who cares to comment, how do you deal with creative block? What helped you? How did you deal with that feeling that you hate everything you make or paint? Any advice is appreciated.

Meanwhile I have a small exhibition coming up soon, more about that in the next week or so, as long as I keep painting that is!



7 thoughts on “Dealing with the dreaded creative block

    1. *am on my way* Seriously, though, it would be lovely to see you again babe. I love seeing your photos of you and your family on FB, but would love to kick back with a glass of wine or a beer and catch up on the last few years. *hugs*


  1. Hello there. Creative block is such a pain eh? If I get to that I dislike everything I do. I might work in my art journal just throw paint about, no pressure not even drawing. Or if that doesn’t work I step back from my painting and do something completely different. Sometimes I still create perhaps by crocheting or sewing. I quite often just take some time out and read a book or watching a film or two. I eventually get back to painting. I won’t list everything I do as that could take a while lol Sometimes my block is more to do with a loss of confidence. There is one thing you may not have considered. I actually wrote a blog post on the subject. Have you considered if you are eating well enough? Research now says our mood (therefore motivation) is effected by what we eat. Ps I found you from your post in the Roisin fb group I’m also a member 😊


    1. Hi Tania

      Good to meet you, I’ve just popped over to your site, it’s always good to meet new artist friends. I love Fife, we spent our last holiday in St Monans, last time I did any sketching too, before the block kicked in.

      Thanks for the advice. I did try all of the above, which is what was so frustrating as none of it seemed to work! Roisin’s page and group seemed to come along at the right time for me though, maybe working through all of my go-to things got me in the right frame of mind to really listen to her advice, who knows. But it’s so good to be back.

      I’ve just been reading your post on good nutrition and exercise, which resonated with me too. When i stopped working fulltime and gave this art thing a go, that was one of the things that I did do, concentrate on improving my diet and exercised more. It’s so easy to forget that in our busy lives. For me, being in my garden helps, but walking, cycling and just being outside helps too.

      As for diet, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables (the garden helps with that!) not too much meat and keeping carb intake quite low has helped me over the last few years. I’ll always try and make space for the odd square of chocolate though. 😀

      Anyhow, I’ve commented on your post about nutrition and exercise, a really good article. Thanks for sharing and for saying hello!



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